Random Common Sentences

1.I'll be waiting for you at the usual place.
2.I'm married.
3.How are you?
4.Do you want to go with me?
5.It's my brother's.
6.I'll take care of the dog while you are out.
7.I think we should get there early because they might be sold out. Is 5:00PM OK?
8.Where did you go?
9.Rome is in Italy.
10.She gave me a nice pair of shoes.
11.We don't have any sugar.
12.Let's sit over there.
13.His story sounds true.
14.A little. Who's your doctor?
15.OK. Do you think we can go buy a newspaper first?
16.Please, tell me.
17.I will never tell!
18.She adores him.
19.She's got a point.
20.I think it's time for me to buy my son a car.
21.He's intelligent.
22.How long does it take by bus?
23.Here's some water.
24.I can't hear you.
25.She was advised by him to go abroad while she was still young.
26.OK, I like that place.
27.I like basketball. I watch the games on TV all the time.
28.Did you buy any other fruit?
29.She bought him a dog.
30.I think it wouldn't be too hard to come up with a better system.